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Poland-Mlawa is perfect place for Your investment!

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Poland-Mlawa is perfect place for Your investment!

Poland-Mlawa is perfect place for Your investment!

A. There is a directive in the European Union (EU), ordering all of the EU countries the Exchange current lighting to energy-efficient "LED” type lighting.

B. Poland in New European Union budget is biggest beneficiary of the means of finance for the period 2014-2020 and it is a big amount of 106 billion EURO! Most of this is designed for the municipality authorities, such as in the North-East Poland: 260 cities, 125 counties and 815 municipalities.

C. Mlawa – production and distribution center of external "LED” type lighting

D. Business form; joint company:

- strategic financial partner – from .....?

- technology and part of credit - from Taiwan (Factory Producing LED type Street Lighting)

- building plot - in kind contribution from Town Hall of the City of Mlawa (excellently situated by the express road Warsaw-Gdansk)

E. Most importantly, relief for a foreign investor, which will create new job places; a complete exemption from income tax!

F. An excellent example for the next 15 years, very large Korean factories, "LG”  Electronics Mlawa that export their products to markets around the world.

On November 18, 2014, the South Korean government; with excellent cooperation in the economic and cultural area, singled out the City of Mlawa, next to the Warsaw Technical University, Capital University of Music and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

G. Qualities of Mlawa:


    1.) It has an excellent location, between Warsaw and Gdansk (Baltic), along a fast traffic road (E-7) and railway, near to the aiport in Modlin and handling port in         Gdansk (Baltic).

    2.) In Mlawa, and in the surrounding area, there are high levels of unemployment.

    3.) There is an economic zone.

    4.) Exemption from taxes

    5.) It is possibile to use "PFRON”  refund (State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled).

    6.) You can use funds from European Union.

    7.) Very good technical schools, light school, and college which have electronic specialties.


If you are interested in our offer, please respond to  Janusz S. Zbikowski at, representative of the Mayor; mob. 48/501-641-757 (Magdalena Wilczynska).

We look forward to hearing from you.       


Letter of Mayor of Mlawa
image | 273.33 KB
Mlawa investment offer
pdf | 1.92 MB
The government of Korea to celebrate city Mlawa
image | 632.66 KB

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