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Liquidation of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section

Add : Karol Pęczak | 08.11.2017 Liquidation of Section

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Poland’s construction industry registers large growth in 2016

Construction industry Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 29.10.2016 Construction industry

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Volkswagen opens new automobile manufacturing unit in Poland

Automobile industry Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 29.10.2016 Automobile industry

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ANNAPOORNA_stand of companies from Poland

Trade fairs Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 20.09.2016 Trade fairs

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ANNAPOORNA Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 15.09.2016 ANNAPOORNA

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Poland meets India

Polish language service provider (LSP) Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 08.09.2016 Polish language service provider (LSP)

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Poland bets on electric cars and buses

Electric vehicles Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 13.06.2016 Electric vehicles

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Poland’s economy grows by 3% during Q1 of 2016

Economy of Poland Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 10.06.2016 Economy

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Poland’s manufacturing sector records strong growth in production in May 2016

Manufacturing Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 09.06.2016 Manufacturing

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Poland registers an impressive growth in pharmaceutical exports

Pharmaceutical sector Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 08.06.2016 Pharmaceutical sector

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Polish złoty strengthens after Moody's decision

PLN Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 03.06.2016 PLN

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International matchmaking event at “POLAGRA FOOD”

POLAGRA FOOD Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 02.06.2016 POLAGRA FOOD

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Polish fairs a rising spot on the map of Europe

Trade Fairs in Poland Add : Anna Woińska | 06.06.2016 Trade Fairs

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Poland’s Orlen refiner signs Saudi contract

Petrochemicals Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 20.05.2016 Petrochemicals

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Foreign investment created thousands of jobs in Poland in 2016

FDI in Poland Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 19.05.2016 FDI

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68th AIESEC International Congress will take place in Poland in 2016

AIESEC Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 19.05.2016 AIESEC

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Polish Export in the year 2015

Polish Export Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 21.04.2016 Polish Export

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Flagship event Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 06.02.2016 Conference

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More incentives needed to attract FDI to Poland - PAIiIZ

Investments Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 25.01.2016 Investments

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PwC consultancy takes over Polish IT firm Outbox

Purchase Add : Zbigniew Magdziarz | 25.01.2016 Purchase

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