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Delegation from Poland participate in Smart Cities fairs in New Delhi, on May 20-22

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: | 2015-05-16 09:13:57

Delegation from Poland participate in Smart Cities fairs in New Delhi, on May 20-22 and the seminar on May 22 at 10:00AM at Hall 4 (Prakriti)

We are pleased to inform that a business delegation of several Polish companies leaded by HE Mr. Marcin Korolec, Minister of Environmet and HE Mr. Andrzej Halicki, Minister of Administration and Digitalization, Government of the Republic of Poland, will participate in "Smart Cities" exhibition in New Delhi, on May 20-22.

Delegation will take part in Smart Cities fairs at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi and in the seminar on May 22. 

We cordially invite you to the seminar: “Smart & Green Solutions from Poland”

Pragati Maidan, Hall no 8, Prakriti Conference Room

22/05/2015 New   Delhi, registration starts at 9:30AM

Seminar moderated by  Mr. J.J. Singh, president of IPCCI

10.00-10.05 – opening remarks by the Polish Ambassador to India , HE Mr. Tomasz Łukaszuk

10.05 – 10.55 – Panel discussion

Mr. Marcin Korolec, Minister of State, Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Poland
representative of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India (tbc)

Mrs. Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, Head of GreenEvo

Mr. Leszek Borkowski, DAGAS company, Director of Sales

Mr. Poul V. Jensen, Director, European Business and Technology Centre

Mrs. Ferdousi Begum,  Founder Managing Director, Ferdous Biotech (Pvt.) Ltd. Bangladesh (tbc)

10.55 – 11.05 –Greenevo movie presented by Mrs. Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, Head of GreenEvo

11.05 – 11.10 – presentation of M3System company by Mr. Henryk Switowski

11.10 – 11.15 – presentation of AQUATECH company by Mrs. Beata Babinska

11.15 – 11.20 – presentation of PROTE company by Mr. Jerzy Slusarczyk

11.20 – 11.25 – presentation of ENERGONATURA company by Mrs. Daria Lapczynska

11.25 – 11.30 – presentation of DAGAS company by Mr. Leszek Borkowski

11.30 – 11.35 – presentation of MAKROTERM company by Mr. Witold Glen

11.35 – 11.40 – presentation of PELLASX company by Mr. Jacek Paluch

11.40 – 11.45 – presentation of AGATA company by Mr. Jacek Jagiello

11.45 – 12.00 – Q&A session

12.00 – 12.20Coffee break

12.20 – 13.30  - B2B meetings

13.30 – 14.30 - Working lunch


Companies participating in Smart Cities 2015, New Delhi

Technological area: Energy saving 

  • Company: M3System Ltd

Technological area: Passive housing

Technology name: A unique energy-saving construction technology: a monolithic, self-supporting

construction from polystyrene

Technology description: For investors, developers and construction companies seeking high

profits, we offer a unique energy-saving construction technology. Unlike other available technologies, our solution helps to achieve a passive housing standard (zero or plus energy) with costs similar to traditional construction. An average building takes only 6-8 weeks to erect. Buildings can be erected on land with very low bearing capacity, and no heavy equipment or highly qualified employees are needed.


Web site:


  • Company: Makroterm Agata i Krzysztof Wąchała Sp. j.

Technological area:  Solutions supporting energy saving in the construction industry

Technology name: INTEGRATOR intelligent renewable energy management system

Technology description: Makroterm company offers an integrated heating systems for single-family houses. A combination of conventional and renewable energy sources yields huges savings on heating and hot water preparation costs. The solution concentrates on combining, in a closed high-pressure system, a fireplace with a water jacket, solar collectors, a conventional boiler, heating cycles and hot water cycles. The whole system is connected and controlled through the hart of the boiler house: the INTEGRATOR, which combines three sources of energy.


Web site: (eng) 


  • Company: Pellas X Ltd Sp.k.

Technological area: Renewable energy sources

Technology name: Burner for biomass with a mixing finger

Technology description: For individuals and companies, which would like to reduce heating costs and CO2 emission, we offer burners for biomass, which in a simple way can be connected to any type of traditionally used boilers. Unlike similar solutions, our burners are safe because advanced technology of overpressured combustion eliminates back firing problem. What is more, our system of fuel mixing in furnace chamber which prolongs maintenance free operation is unique and covered by patent.

Web site: 


Technological area: Waste management

  • Company: Dagas Ltd

Technological area: Waste management

Technology name:  Disposal of rubber municipal waste and biomass processing under pyrolysis

Technology description: For all those looking for eco-friendly solutions for rubber, plastic, municipal waste and solid biomass treatment, we offer pyrolysis plants. Unlike competitive solutions, the use of Dagas technology produces heat power, which can be processed into electricity or thermal energy.

Web site:


  • Company: AGATA Jacek Jagiełło

Technological area: Waste management

Technology name: Dustergent Celluguard – the best protection against dust and ash.

Technological area: The technology called Celluguard  ®  is directed to coal electic power stations,  thermal - electric power stations, mines and factories that have trouble with secondary dusting of volatile substances on the storage yards.  It is a method of spraying dusting substances with flexible reinforced fluid coating.  In comparison with traditional methods, our solution is much cheaper, more durable and fully environmental friendly.

Web site: 


Technological area: Air protection

  • Company: Dagas Ltd

Technological area: Air protection: reduction of industrial pollution emissions

Technology name:  Reduxco

Technology description: To power plants, thermal-electric power plants, suppliers of all industrial heating installations (maritime transport, road transport)., seeking a solution, which would allow for a decrease in fuel consumption and in pollution emission, we offer the REDUXCO catalytic converter. Contrary to competitive solutions, application of this technology also provide stabilization of the boiler operation, reduction of harmful gases emission NOx, CO, SOx, CO2 and maintenance of its internal heating surface in good condition.


Web site: (eng) 


Technological area: Water and sewage management

  • Company: AQUATECH Ltd.

Technological area: Water and waste water management


Technology name: Individual sewage treatment plant BIOTIC


Technology description: For single - and multi-family houses, where impossible or very expensive is to connect the building to the sanitary sewer network, we offer individual sewage treatment plant BIOTIC. In contrast to competitors, BIOTIC treatment plant is easy to use and has very high (from 95 % to 98 %)  efficiency of sewage treatment in the long time. The most important is possibility to adapt the technology BIOTIC to tanks produced locally .A characteristic feature is high cleaning efficiency (from 95 % to 98 %) over a long period of time. Individual sewage treatment plant BIOTIC can be used for the treatment of domestic sewage from single houses or multi-family (where live from 4 to 50 people) or population centers ( villages, small towns ) even inhabited by 20,000 people.


Web site:


  • Company:  EKOLOG Ltd

Competitiveness is based on perfectiveness of technical solutions - that defines the philosophy of our work in the following areas: Technologies, Implementation, Cooperation with Client. 

We are using 30 years of experience gained during implementation of over 500 projects in water, wastewater, solid waste management, municipal infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. We offer a full chain of services starting from consulting and design, construction, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning and ending with final exploitation.
We are interested in participation in Public – private partnership (PPP) in water and wastewater sector, solid waste and renewable energy sectors, FBO, BOT.

We are implementing contracts in Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and plan to develop activities in other countries in Europe and Asia.

We are implementing projects financed by international financial institutions, including funds-in-trust of the European Union, the World Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Web site:


  • Company: PROTE Technologies for Environment Ltd

Technological area: Water and waste water management

Technology name:  Minimization-of-Sludge Technology PROTE-MOS

Technology description: For sewage treatment plants that want to reduce the amount of sewage sludge and enhance the quality of the treated effluent, we offer our innovative PROTE-MOS Technology, which optimizes the sewage treatment process through a solely biological method. Unlike other solutions available on the market, such as sludge incinerators or sludge dryers, our Technology does not require investment costs or facility reconstruction. It also guarantees a minimum 20% reduction of excessive sewage sludge, a proportional reduction of chemical reagents used, as well as improved treated sewage parameters.

Web site:


  • Company: Energo Natura Ltd

Technological area: Water and sewage management

Technology name:  Ecobiosed - a complex technology of water treatment with reagents

Technology description: For institutions managing water reservoirs and industrial plants using

processing water, which experience problems with biological and chemical (including oil) pollution, we offer a comprehensive reagent-based technology for water treatment and counteracting the effects of eutrophication. In contrast to other, hazardous chemical methods of a narrow use and expensive and logistically complex physical methods, we offer secure, quick and simple removal of impurities and the ability to restore ecological balance.


Web site:



Technological area: Biodiversity protection


  • Company: PROTE Technologie dla Środowiska Ltd

Technological area: Biodiversity protection: water areas reclamation

Technology name:  PROTE-fos

Technology description: Private and public institutions managing water reservoirs and lakes, which have a problem with high level of phosphorus resulting in creating perfect conditions for the development of cyanobacteria and algae blooms, are seeking solutions for the restoration of such ecosystems. PROTE Technologie dla Środowiska Sp. z o.o. company offers a comprehensive restoration method  consisting in chemical blocking of phosphorus and  influencing its dynamics cycle in freshwater ecosystems. In contrast to expensive and logistically complicated methods involving the movement of bottom sediment masses or replacement of water in lake bodies, the PROTE-fos solution enables safe restoration of ecological balance to achieve clean water state.


Web site: (eng)


GreenEvo - Green Technologies Accelerator is a project for entrepreneurs, initiated and managed by the Ministry of the Environment, which identifies the best Polish environmentally sound technologies and supports their international transfer.

Every year, Polish firms submit new, innovative solutions to participate in this project. 

Companies participating in GreenEvo demonstrate that you can make money from ecology and innovation. Technologies offered by the companies, conquer the markets worldwide,

boldly competing against the biggest players. Solutions, introduced by Polish entrepreneurs, working within the GreenEvo project, are used, among other places, in the process of hazardous waste disposal in Armenia or making ecological fuel in Tanzania. Participants of GreenEvo prove that Poland has a substantial potential in the area of environmentally sound technologies. Thanks to this project, we can promote them as our green ambassadors on the

global market.


Web site: 



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