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Stationary drum wood chipper Skorpion 500 EB

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Contact person
Marek Batory
Phone: +48412636823

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Niemiecki, Polski, Rosyjski,

Description of the contract

Skorpion 500 EB is a stationary drum chipper designed for chipping flat edgings, round timber, various types of furniture and sawmill waste of a width to 500 mm.

Control system of the chipper operated from the switchbox performs the functions of switching on, operation and overload control, and switching off. The cutting system of the device is the drum with 2, 3 or, optionally, 4 cutting knifes and one supporting knife. The structure of the location of the supporting knife (slided from the body of the chipper) allows its very fast rotation or replacement (the knife is sharpened on four edges). The knives are made of tool steel resistant to blunting, which translates into long life. The number of knives on the drum and the diameter of the holes of the sieve allows to obtain the desired size of the chip. Screen used in the construction of this chipper ensures high regularity in size of the product.

The chipper is equipped with the main low-speed electric motor. The motor is, in contrast to high-speed electric motors, characterized by more stable operation and higher torque. At the same motor power, it reaches greater transfer of energy and by increasing the diameter of the pulley on the main motor – the life of fan belts is longer. The chipper is driven by electric engine of 45 or 55 kW, and equipped with electronic system of operation control, which automatically prevents overloading of the cutting system by temporarily stopping the feeding.

Feeding material is conveyed to the inlet using two toothed feed rollers and one additional supporting roller, driven by gear motors, which allow feeding of even very short items.

Skorpion 500 EB can cooperate with belt and vibrating systems of loading and conveying. The basic set of the chipper equipment covers a chipper, a control switchbox, and to request - a loading conveyor and a collecting conveyor.

Chips obtained from Skorpion 500 EB can be used for direct burning in burners/ovens or as raw material for production of paper, furniture chipboards and, after additional disintegrating in a mill, for production of briquettes and pellets.

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 2050 x 1300 x 1300 (+400)* [mm]
Weight 2450** [kg]
No of knives 2, 3 or 4 cutting knives + 1 counter-knife
Feeding speed up to 25,5 [running meters/min]
Chipping capacity up to 20 [stère meters/h]
Chip width from 20 to 30, from 15 to 25, from 10 to 15 [mm]
Dimensions of inlet (width x height) 500 x 180 [mm]
Drum diameter 450 [mm]
Feeding unit - belt or vibrating conveyor /min.-3m/
Main engine power 45/55 [kW]
Power of engine on feeding conveyor 2 pcs x 2,2 [kW]
Power of engine on collecting conveyor 1,5 [kW]

()* - suport structure
()** - weight depends on equipment installed.

Equipment included:
-control switchbox
-electronic anti-stress system

Additional accessories on request:
-loading conveyor
-collecting conveyor
-feeding speed regulation

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