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    Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Karol Pęczak | 2016-12-19 08:02:58
    international fair of technology and equipment for the police and national security services

    On behalf of the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. and in partnership with the General Headquarters of the Polish Police, I have the honour to invite you to EUROPOLTECH 2017, the International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre Gdańsk, on 26-28 April 2017.


    The Fair will accompany the 8th International Police Conference on Logistics in Public Administration in the Context of the Threats in the Contemporary World—New challenges facing the services which support the primary operations of the formations and entities responsible for national security, organised by the General HQ of the Polish Police. The subject matter of EUROPOLTECH 2017 is closely related to the 2017–2020 Modernisation Programme for the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and Government Protection Bureau and to the upgrade of the Polish Armed Forces, including Special Operations and Military Gendarmerie. Special technologies, dedicated to the national security services, Central Board of Prison Service and Customs Service, will have a prominent place on the event’s agenda.


    Organised by the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, the 5th International Scientific Conference on Crime Scene will be a very important event held at EUROPOLTECH 2017 for the first time.


    We address our invitation to EUROPOLTECH to all the major manufacturers of special technologies, equipment and gear for the Police and national security services. Applications to participate will be collected through interactive forms available at


    EUROPOLTECH is a professionals-only exhibition and will be open exclusively to the International Police Conference participants, the executive staff of the European police services, officer corps and experts of the Polish Police and national security services, military personnel and experts.


    Let me, therefore, sincerely invite you to take part in EUROPOLTECH 2017.




    EUROPOLTECH Organization Office


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