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Export - offers from Poland

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Export - offers from Poland

We kindly inform that the following listings are published accordingly to

materials submitted by interested companies.

Trade and Investment Promotion Section is not the author, and assumes no

responsibility for the content and credibility of the parties.


MAKRUM PM is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering, design and project management services to its customers in the world's marine, offshore and mining markets.

In order to conduct its core business the company utilizes wide range of subcontractors including those within Immobile Capital Group such as MAKRUM Pomerania and MAKRUM Produkcja.

We also manufacture heavy steel structures that require treatment, for building various types of heavy machinery, vehicles, cranes, marine machinery and equipment used in offshore and marine sector

MAKRUM PM represents specialists who are capable of undertaking complicated industrial projects in the ''turn-key'' system, both following the documentation supplied by the Client and designed by our design engineering department.

Our scope of services includes:


  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • Design
  • Analysis & preparation of tech. documentation
  • Tendering and financial analysis
  • Suppliers and subcontractors audits
  • Financing of projects during implementation
  • Quality control and as-built documentation
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Testing, logistics and installation


See the offer of MAKRUM below this table.


Oktawian Przybylik


Project Manager

Mobile   :  0048-669-978-535

E-Mail    :


MAKRUM Project Management Sp. z o.o.

85-719 Bydgoszcz, ul. Fordońska 40

T: +48 52 561 23 30, F: +48 52 321 00 78


GTV is an international distributor of furniture and lighting accessories. The company is present in several dozen markets in Europe, Asia and America, whereas products with the GTV logo are to be found in millions of households and offices worldwide.

The company has its own technical and logistic infrastructure enabling unconstrained operation everywhere in the world. Its company headquarters is located in Pruszkow – near the capitol Warsaw. Within the premises, there is an office building and two warehouses offering 13,000 square metres, holding 20,000 euro-pallets. In addition, the company has nearly 5,000 square metres of warehousing area at its disposal.

The GTV product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive offers on the market. It covers several thousand of products in dozen product groups, including hinges, slides, lifts, handles, wardrobe and kitchen accessories, as well as LED lighting.


Click here for full cataloque


Contact data:

Aleksandra Flis
Export Sales Coordinator

tel +48 22 444 73 06

fax +48 22 100 54 78

skype gtv.aleksandra.flis

GTV spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Dystrybucja S.K.A
ul. Przejazdowa 21, 05-800 Pruszków, Polska

ADPOL  is a Polish manufacturer of wooden and wooden-aluminium windows, prefabricated houses and acoustic screens. More than 25 years of experience guarantee the highest quality. Our continued development and introduction of new products has resulted in the broadest range of windows and doors on the Polish market. Our current offer is presented on webpages:  and .


ADPOL has recently introduced an innovative solution for double-hung and outward-opening casement windows. Wooden-aluminum windows, respectively AluClad SASH and AluClad CASEMENT are now available for all our clients. We are the first manufacturer in Poland and one of the few in Europe who are offering double-hung SASH windows with aluminium cladding construction - AluClad SASH.

Our AluClad SASH system comes in three types:

a) with weighted balance AluClad SASH W;

b) spring balance AluClad SASH S;

c) tilt and slide spring balance AluClad SASH ST.


Optionally, ADPOL can install triple glazing in both the AluClad CASEMENT and AluClad SASH windows, which allows us to accomplish an outstanding thermal insulation for the whole construction -0,8 W/m2K <Uw<1,3 W/m2K. The use of aluminum overlay extends the life of the window and does not require coating maintenance. We provide a 10-year warranty for all of our wooden-aluminum windows.


To celebrate the introduction of our new products, AluClad SASH and AluClad CASEMENT windows are offered in promotional prices until 05/31/2015. For more information, please contact our sales department.

We also invite you to visit our website - and familiarize yourself with the full range of our wooden windows, wooden-aluminum windows, acoustic, burglar proof  and energy efficient windows, bi-fold and sliding doors, entrance doors, conservatories, facades, prefabricated houses and acoustic screens.


ADPOL TRADE Sp. z o.o.

address: ul. Szosa Bydgoska 56

87-100 Toruń, POLAND



Mr. Artur Żmurko


tel. +48 669889146

Zbyszko Company Sp. z o.o.was established in 1993. We specialise in producing soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, flavoured water and spring water. Our two modern factories are equipped with the latest technologies currently available to the FMCG industry. Each factory has its own laboratory in which we closely examine the organoleptic qualities of our beverages to ensure the superior quality and flavour of our products.Our high-tech production lines and logistics warehouses are fully automated, so that Zbyszko customers can be sure that their products leave the factory on time, and are of high quality.  Zbyszko’s key product lines are: 3 lemons, ROKO,Veroni Mineral Water, Polo Cola and Ice Tea.


Zbyszko Company Sp. z o. o.

239 Warszawska Street

Radom 26-600, Poland

Export department:


phone: +48 48 383 11 11

Export Manager

Konrad Winiarski

mobile: +48 512 329 701

My Poland specializes in the sales and promotion of original Polish handicraft. Our company cooperates with folk artists recognized as the authorities on the subject - they are masters in different handicraft specialties such as embroidery, lace works, ceramics, wickerwork or folk toys. The majority have the status of  "licensed folk artist", given by the Polish Folk Arts Society, which is referred to as Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ludowych (STL) in Polish. This recognition and status guarantees the originality and high quality of products offered by My Poland. We also offer unique - collector's value products as well as rare home-made articles created by artists who carry on forgotten trades. My Poland fulfills orders for tailor-made products, as well.

In the offer of my Poland, there are also modern handicrafts inspired by tradition: for example: original jewelry designed by a well-known and valued Polish designer of handicraft.

The quality of My Poland products gained recognition not only among individual customers, but also among public institutions and companies. My Poland cooperates with Embassies and Polish diplomatic posts. We send Polish hadicraft worldwide. To date, , we have had the pleasure to ship our products to customers in France, germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the USA, Australia and Iceland. 

Online store with Polish handicraft (worldwide dispatch, 30-day return policy for our products):

Information on Polish original handicraft:


My Poland

address: ul Narciarska 21;

05-092 Łomianki, Poland


tel. +48 503175956



Engineering and Constructioncompany"Przem-Gri" Ltd. was founded in 1992andhasoperatedcontinuouslyuntiltodayinthe same lineof shareholders. For morethan23years ofitsactivity, the PI-B "Przem-Gri" may be knownas a reliable, professionaland trustworthycontractor.

The technologiesofferedin collaborationwith renownedpartnersin the market, arecharacterized by highstabilityandhigh efficiencyof thewastewatertreatmentprocess. We offersolutionsprovenin the dairyindustry-havingmultiplereferences: from dissolvedairflotation, recoveryof individualstreamsbyproducingbiogasanaerobictreatment, thedifferenttypes ofaerobictreatmentincludingmembranebioreactors, allowing the water to be reuse in the productionprocess.

Aninvestmentsrealized by “Przem – Gri” Ltd., have a high degreeof technologicaladvancement, and a widerange ofappliedtechnologies, including the mostinnovativeones. Anexample of suchinnovationisthe implementation ofa sewagetreatment plantin Jonkowobuilt intechnologyMBR (MembraneBiologicalReactor). Installation inJonkowowas the firstmunicipalwastewatertreatment plant inmembranetechnology, operating in Poland. 



Poland, 10-418 Olsztyn, Przemysłowa 3 Street

fax: +48 89 534 97 09;

mob. +48 668 212 395; +48 608 272 021

e-mail: is a company from Poland (Warsaw) distributing more than 30 000 decorative products, specializing in wall decorations but with a wide range of furniture, lighting and other products as well.

Many of them are produced by Polish companies that we promote abroad. 

We are looking for a company that would be interested in distribution of our products. 

In our offer you can find:

-          decorative 3d wall panels (gypsum, MDF, polyurethane and other materials as well)

-          wall photo murals and wallpapers

-          concrete – panels and tiles

-          bricks and tiles - inside and outside the building (over 500 models)

-          furniture – over 3 000 products

-          lighting – over 3 000 products

-          textiles – over 2 000 products

-          accessories and equipment – over 6 000 products

-          garden furniture, accessories and equipment – over 3 000 products

-          products for kids – wallpapers, furniture, lighting, textiles

-          other decorative products

More details and portfolio overview:

dotMedia Jacek Bieliński

AL. KEN 47/163, 02-797 Warsaw

Contact person: Mr Jacek Bieliński


ph. (+48) 601394224

MIKRONIKA (  is one of the leading manufacturer of system solutions for Power, Industry, Communication branches in Poland. 

Its business activity is based on own innovative software and hardware. For more than 30 years solutions proposed by MIKRONIKA for electric power sector, metallurgy, chemical industry and telecommunication meet our clients' satisfaction and gain numerous awards on various fairs and exhibitions worldwide.

We successfully combine innovation with reliability, adapting the quality to the ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005, IEC and KEMA  requirements.  

Our competences are confirmed by a constant increase of number of implementations.

We offer you our knowledge and experience, based on the state-of-the art technology.

We specialize in:

-          designing systems of control and supervision constructing and producing communication and object controllers obeying strict standards of environmental resistance and electromagnetic compatibility obeying requirements of production quality integrating devices from various manufacturers realizing prototype and non-typical tasks installing our systems in our country and abroad.

-          Manufacturing,

-          Installation,

-          Putting into operation,

-          Commissioning,

-          Training,

-          Guarantee, after guarantee services.

-          Consultancy.

High quality of services and products from MIKRONIKA is confirmed by implementation of several dozen of huge great-area SCADA systems and installation of several thousands of devices and systems for various branches in Poland and abroad.

We are cooperating mainly directly with Utilities, but also with numerous business partners, system  integrators, local service companies, providing them with a technical support, our knowledge and best practices for the partner and the End user.

Our system’s  main features like modular structure, scalability, open communication  protocols , give our partners an opportunity to establish a local business based on the added value, such as: 1)  completing  the controllers and cubicles ,

2)  configuring the locally completed controllers, cubicles,

3)  conducting the tests (Factory tests, Site test),

4)  parameterization, edition of SCADA systems,

5)  technical support for the End user etc.

The synergy of our experience and local partner’s unique knowledge on the Customer needs usually result in special value for the target market and  economy as a whole.


Mrs. Inna Skarzanowska

Export Department Chief


Export department

Poland, ul. Wykopy 2/4, 60-001 Poznań

Tel. +48 61 6655600

Faks +48 61 6655602

Mobile +48 507 973 881


Far Data Ltd. GLP



Key products:

Wind energy, traffic noise, environment al, measurement, anemometers, ITS, noise monitoring, air pollution.


The profile of Far Data is aimed at designing, sale and implementing technical advanced solutions connected with data transmission. Our products are used in environmental monitoring systems, ITS or noise level monitoring systems. Our company has been striving to acquire the latest knowledge and develop its competences in those fields.

We have many years of design and manufacturing experience in the following sectors: Environmental monitoring , Renewable energy, Intelligent transportation

Our technologies were verified and awarded by independent experts from Polish Ministry of Environment in GreenEvo contest.

look, please, attachments under the table.

Far Data Ltd. GLP

address: ul. Lipowa; 30702 Kraków; Poland

Contact name: Mr. Hubert Zagórny

Sales Representative

tel. +48 71 3306677

fax +48 71 3306679





FABA S.A. has an over 50 years  experiences in producing tools for machine woodworking. We are Poland’s largest and best known producer of tools, we export also to about 40 countries all over the world. Our range of production compose:

-       HSS and HM brazed cutters – straight and profile

-       Finger joints cutters – brazed and inserted

-       drills and shank cutters

-       sets of cutters for windows, doors, floor boards etc. – brazed and inserted

-       cutter heads with replaceable knives

-       saw blades from 100mm up to 820mm

-       tools with hydro clamping system

-       tools with PCD tips – cutters, set of cutters, shank cutters, hogging systems, and saw blades.

Thanks to our advanced, modern machinery and up-to-date electronic and laser devices we are able to guarantee our customers a very short production time. Each production stage in carried out according to ISO 9001 quality certificate. We hope you will find our offer interesting and in the case of any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us. Hope for starting co-operation.

FABA" S.A.  Przemyslowa  1 str, 09-130 Baboszewo, Poland

Best regards

Krzysztof Wiśniewski

Eksport Manager  FABA S.A.

"FABA" S.A.  

address: ul. Przemyslowa  1,            09-130 Baboszewo, Poland


Mr. Krzysztof Wiśniewski

Eksport Manager  FABA S.A.

tel.+48 23 66 21 711

fax +48 23 66 701


Dear Sirs,

Zaklady Farmaceutyczne “UNIA” has been present on Polish market since 1938.

We manufacture and distribute medicines, medical devices and cosmetics putting great importance to constant development. Therefore, currently we are looking for a distributor for our products.

All our dossiers are in CTD format prepared according to current requirements. Medical devices and cosmetics also have all necessary documentation. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified. The company is also certified with ISO 14001:2004 as well as ISO 9001:2008, which ensures the highest quality of services.

We can also provide highest class pharmaceutical industrial services, as contract manufacturing, 

I will be happy to answer all your questions and send you more information if needed.

And also please - don’t forget to visit our website.


Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best and kindest regards,

Adam Krzewski

Export and Contract Manufacturing Specialist

Pharmaceutical Company

Zaklady Farmaceutyczne "UNIA"


56/60 Chlodna Str.

00-872 Warsaw




Mr. Adam Krzewski


mobile: 0048 693120062


BluxCosmetics is a manufacturer of household cleaners, personal care cosmetics and car cleaning products  for over 22 years.
We are proud to inform that we have some of the biggest clients spread all across EU and worldwide, and we have been successful in providing them with value-for-money products.

Export to over 25 countries comprises around 75% of our production. We supply big retail chains like Auchan, E.Leclerc, Carrefour, as well as small local retailers.
Our products are priced very competitively, are of good quality and feature an attractive and modern design.
Our company is open to your suggestions in terms of a way of co-operation. We can both supply products under our brands - Blux, Naturaphy, AutoLider, and under your private label. 
I invite you to visit our web page to read more about our company and to familiarize yourself with all our product ranges. 
I do hope that you will join us to experience and take advantage of our technology, our outstanding service and high quality products.
If you will have any questions about our firm and products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BluxCosmetics_catalogue 2015,
please look hereunder.

Contact person:

Mrs. Ewa Sabaj, Export Manager


Address: BluxCosmetics Sp. z o.o.
              Trzciana 243B, 
              36-071 Trzciana, Poland

Tel. +48 17 8551471
Fax. +48 17 8551063


Wooden Doors, Pine Doors, Loft Ladders / Attic Ladders.

RADEX POLAND Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. is a leading manufacturer of pine doors, wooden doors, door frames and loft ladders in Poland. The company was founded in 1986 in Iława, a picturesque town in Warmia-Mazury region of Poland. Owing to its effective management and constant investment, RADEX quickly became a significant manufacturer of doors and loft ladders in the European market.
Today, the company is developing dynamically. You can find our products in the largest retail chains in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, the Balkans and many other countries in Europe.
All of our products are approved and certified by accredited research companies.
Please take a moment to get to know our offer. 

Radex Poland Sp. zo.o. Sp. K.

Ul. Komunalna 2,

14-200 IŁawa, Poland

Contact Person: Marcin Chełstowski / Export Manager

Tel: 00 48 668 344 818



As an exclusive manufacturer, we would like to inform you that our company has introduced a new product named Set-Fix, protected by patent claim.

Set-Fix System is designed for the installation of cladding panels with the application of rules and opportunities so far unprecedented.

In our search for new potential customer markets, we offer our clients clear and fair terms of cooperation. Product-related materials can be found in the attachments. If you are interested, please contact us.


Set-Fix Team

                      detail offer, plese look herebelow

Set-Fix Sp. z o.o. s.k.

address: ul. Puilawska 8;

50-538 Wroclaw, Poland



Mr. Krzysztof Kardela
tel. +48 535 480 750

LUXIMA SA is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures. The company was founded in 1998. From the beginning, it is linked to the production of light, and its products are sold both domestically and internationally.Luxima uses high quality components, which makes the high-technology of its products are of good quality / price ratio.
All the company's products, as well as the construction of many machines, auxiliary equipment and tools are copyright their studies. Fixtures from their design to the finished product produced in the company. Thus LUXIMA is able to flexibly adapt to customer requirements.The leading group of products are framing AQUA. It is a family of hermetic housings with a unique design using as a light source T5 and LED sources.
The offer includes luminaires for mounting AQUA individual and systemic, which, due to the ability to create a line of light, requiring only one power point, revolutionized the external architectural lighting.

Look, please, the full offer of "LUXIMA" hereunder.



ul. Okrężna 4b; 19-300 Ełk



Contact details:

Ms Marta Lipińska, Export Manager

tel. +48 87 6200930

The Food Industry Enterprise PEPEES JSC is the biggest producer of potato starch and its derivatives in Poland. We are the group of 3 companies with factories located in Lomza, Lublin and Bronislaw.
We produce wide range of products: - potato starch - maltodextrin - crystalline dextrose - dextrose anhydrous - glucose syrups- potato flakes- potato gris
Our products are known with their best quality, what is confirmed by many certificates and awards. Our production is certificated by HACCAP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, BRC.
More information about our company and its products you can find on our web site with the link below: in our company presentation /please, find enclosed/ . Please, find enclosed also the specifications of our products.
If you are inrerested in price quotations of our products, it will be a pleasure to present you the cooperation details.
 In case of any question, please, do not hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,
Elżbieta Salamońska - Podstolska

Export Specialist

See presentation

Ms. Elżbieta Salamońska - Podstolska

Export Specialist


18-402 Łomża, ul. Poznanska 121 POLAND tel. 0048 86 215 58 78 fax. 0048 86 215 58 79 mob. 0506014975

We (ELPIGAZ) are a manufacturer of LPG/CNG gas injection systems and LPG tanks from Poland (EU). We offer complete lines of products dedicated for LPG or CNG car conversion: starting with LPG/CNG kits, through reducers and injectors up to LPG tanks and all necessary accessories. Our range of products covers any requirements (elements) connected with any auto-gas systems (I,II, III and IV generation) and We also offer the biggest range of LPG tanks models.


Amongst others we offer a unique systems of gazo-diesel (dual-fuel) dedicated to heavy trucks and busses – for this system we’ve prepared special large capacity tanks range.

I am very keen on cooperation with you and would be very pleased to have the opportunity to form a successful and long term business partnership with you.


Please find below some details about our products.



ELPIGAZ Sp. z o.o.


ul. Perseusza 9, 80-299 Gdańsk, Poland
tel: +48 58 349 49 40, Mob: + 48 606794319





Black Point S.A. is the leading Polish producer of ink and toners with more than 25 years of experience on the market. We were one of the pioneers of reproduction and have been an expert in the design and manufacture of alternative printer consumables.  

We produce:

  1. Ink-jet cartridges
  2. Toner cartridges
  3. Ribbons
  4. Refill kits
  5. Fax ribbons
  6. Photo paper

Our advantage is the favorable price-quality ratio.

We use the latest technology and the highest quality of components, thanks to them  the quality of our products is very high, what allows customers to get efficiency up to 75% and effectively reduce printing costs up to 50%. 

We invite you for cooperation on the field of remanufactured  ink and laser cartridges.

More details:

 Black Point S.A.

address: ul.Atramentowa 5;Bielany Wroclawskie;55-040 Kobierzyce; Poland

Contact person: Mr. Marcin Cebula, Export Development Manager

tel. +48 605676130

fax +48 71 3386896



WORDFALL is a firm which produces magic digital graphic waterfall. Waterfall is a water screen (water curtain) that prints images from water drops. Amazing water show for all events. It is a perfect element of permanent decoration for every hotel, aqua park, casino or trade. We can offer wide range of sizes. Our product begins from 2 meters up to 10 meters height. For more information please visit our website and feel free to contact us to get more information.

Look, please, picture hereunder: waterfall curtain tablet crop


Dominik Lisiakiewicz

ul. Szczygłów 30

44-200 Rybnik, Poland

tel. +48 33 95544665

We are polish supplier of garlic / onion planters.

We have in offer two types of garlic / onion planters:

1. Manual garlic/onion planter

2. Automatic garlic/onion planter


We are looking for distributors in India.

Our offer:


Krzysztof Czobodzinski

Skype: krzysztof.czobodzinski


Mobile: 0048 518 785 790



Kolce, Pamieci Narodowej 24

58-340 Gluszyca


AIDPOL Ltd is a Polish company working in partnerships with public and non-profit sector, including government agencies, civil defence, military services, academic institutes, as well as United Nations and non-governmental organisations. Our employees include an array of specialists in the field of renewable energy, water and sanitation, food security and nutrition etc.


We are one of the leading producers of mobile solar power stations in Europe.

Humanitarian and development assistance is our passion, alongside business. We provide organisations and institutions with access to innovative technologies directed at saving lives in crisis settings and stimulating sustainable socio-economic development in areas affected by poverty. Our belief is that private sector solutions can be transferred and efficiently used in humanitarian and development assistance.





Cietrzewia 34/1, 02-492 Warsaw, POLAND

Tel./fax: +48 22 863 11 18

DAMEL S.A. is a manufacturer of explosion proof electric motors, water-cooled and fan-cooled, power rating: 8 kW - 1400kW. DAMEL’s motors drive longwall shearers, roadheaders, belt and armored face conveyors, pumps and ventilating systems. Moreover DAMEL has motors with integrated frequency converter in it’s offer. DAMEL is also a manufacturer of electromagnetic separators, including those for hazardous area, designed to remove ferromagnetic inclusions from extracted material, transported by belt conveyor.


DAMEL is interested in expanding it’s presence in India so Company is looking for a Partner ready to sell it’s products and provide marketing services on local market.

DAMEL offer

Ms. Maryna Karatysh 

Export Manager

Dąbrowska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych DAMEL S.A. al. J. Piłsudskiego 2, 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza

tel.: +48 32 420-09-14,

H.Cegielski-Poznań S.A. is a leading producer and comprehensive supplier of various technological equipment for renewable and distributed energy, which are powered by traditional fuels (diesel, natural gas, biogas, biomass) as  well as less often encountered fuels, for example various kinds of waste (especially municipal waste, but not only), vegetable or animal origin oils and also difficult (eg. very humid) types of biomass. HCP is a recognized provider of high quality blowers for water treatment plants. The company also offers spare parts for slow and medium speed engines. The Company is also a valued supplier to offshore market and other ambitious elements of steel structures performed as a cooperation partner of well-known global companies.

HCP is interested in cooperation with public or private companies, who are planning to invest in energy sources between 0,4 and 200 MWe. Their clients comes from wood industry, are owners of waste, are energy companies including ministries of energy. The company is also looking for contacts among the owners of water treatment plant who are planning to exchange blowers or build a new facilities. HCP addresses its offer also to the companies which are seeking subcontractors to produce difficult or oversized steel elements.

H.Cegielski-Poznań S.A.
ul. 28 Czerwca 1956 r. nr 223/229
61-485 Poznań

Commercial Director
Paweł J. Prętkiewicz
phone:+48 61 831 21 16 

  XL Energy Drink is worldwide recognized brand, distributed in over 100 countries, reaching yearly sales over 150 million cans. The brand is huge success on many markets, gaining market shares up to 70%! We outsmarted competition and won Customer hearts by providing high quality and low price. Close partnership with local Distribution Companies give the brand strong competitive advantage and is the key to success of market leadership. XL Energy offers:
  • globally recognized brand - XL Energy Drink in 7 flavors
  • concept highly appreciated in today’s economy - „value for money”
  • high quality, high margin product
  • unlimited opportunity to increase your profit, by building distribution
  • support in trade marketing and marketing
  • excellent, professional Team of Sales Executives and Sales Customer Service who cooperate on a daily basis, solving all issues.
For more details see XL Energy Marketing presentation at 
XL Energy Marketing Sp. z o.o., Złote Tarasy, Lumen Building, ul. Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw, Poland

phone +48 22 204 06 00

fax      +48 22 201 33 82


Contact person:

Jan Śmigiel, Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific Markets
 Devices for cryotherapy/cryostimulation (based on applying nitrogen vapour stream) with temperature below 100 degrees C. Application also in dermatology, gynecology, aesthetic medicine, SPA, sport medicine, physiotherapy. Devices can be equipped with containers of capacity 26, 35 and 60 liters.


ul. Warszawska 272

05-082 Stare Babice

tel/fax +48 22 7529321

Mr. Michał Gralec, Export Manager

mobile: +48 728935074

E-WORLD FAIR ( is an innovative site for the presentation, promotion and advertising of companies, their products and services.
We are dynamically expanding firm that allows you to contact contractors from all over the world.  Via the E-WORLD FAIR you can present your company on the global market. We give at your disposal a modern tool for communication with customers or suppliers
from all around the world.
Thanks to the professionalism and cooperation with the best companies from the whole of Poland and abroad, we guarantee access to goods and services of the highest quality.
Our offer is addressed to companies that do not avoid innovative ways to reach customers
and want to present the offer in the online world. For more information please visit our webpage:

ul. Jagiellońska 78 p.3.3
03-301 Warsaw

Contact person: Mr. Tomasz Rejn
tel. +48 22 3716822

The company "MECHANIKA MASZYN ANDRZEJ KACPEREK" specializes since 1982 in the production of modern drives, including in particular the MR worm gears (angle ones) and toothed gears (linear).
They are distinguished by the highest quality, the possibility of making more sophisticated
versions, robust construction and reliability.
We also produce spare parts for transmissions and other drive components. In our offer you will find electrical motors, inverters, variators, wheels and toothed bars, sprockets and pulleys.
With above 30 years experience in the mechanical and electromechanical business we have gained a strong position on the Polish market. Using the acquired knowledge and the suggestions of our customers we are constantly improving our products and expanding the offer of new equipment.
There are tradesmen who thanks to their education, knowledge and experience in the field of drives will help you to solve technical problems.

Mechanika Maszyn Andrzej Kacperek
ul. Wolska 82
01-141 Warszawa

tel. +48 22 6322445; +48 600411711

fax +48 22 8629331

contact person:
Mr Michal Krajczynski

 We would like to introduce our company A&T Global Solutions  based in Poland.
Our main products are disposable latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves. Our brand “Global Safe” is an European brand and Made in Malaysia.
We provide premium quality products with European certificates, such as: EN 455, EN 374, EN 420, EN 388 and ASTM F 1671.
 Contact person:
Business Development Manager
skype: olivier.atglobalsolutions
Mobile: +48 532 380 111
Main tel: +48 22 223 05 56/57
Main fax:+48 22 223 05 55

PAMO-PLAST is a highly experienced company specialising in production of top quality woodwork made from PVC, aluminium and wood. Modern technology, original patterns and individual approach to customers are the foundations of the success. Thanks to the systematic development we managed to transform from local based company to the all-Poland one. What is more the company succeeds in international market. PAMO-PLAST runs the business in accordance with the idea that the customer's satisfaction is the first step to achieve success.

See below: catalogue_pamoplast


ul. Bartycka 26

00-716 Warsaw, Poland


Contact person:Mr Pawel Stando


tel. +48 605591223



Armet sp o.o. is a Polish company operating in the metal industry since 1982. We have a complete range of high-quality fasteners, includes: bolts, nuts, screws, rivets and fixing systems.
Our offert is addressed to:
- Supermarkets such as Leroy Merlin - we supply 43 branches of Leroy Merlin in Poland,
- Construction companies such as JW Construction, Imtech. Imtech is responsible for the technical equipment of the national stadium,
- Production companies such as Juan (furniture manufacturer).
- Retail customers.
We are interested to import:
- Hexagon head wood screws
- Chipboard screws flat head galvanized
- Drywall screw fine thread black phosphate
- Drywall screw fine thread for use with wood studs black phosphate
- Drywall screw fine thread black phosphate
- Pan Framing Head Self-Drilling Screw black phosphate
- Hex nut DIN 555
- Hexagon head bolts DIN 558
- Flat washer DIN 126 

Armet sp. z o.o.
ul. Broniewskiego 85
01-876, Warsaw, Poland


Contact person
Peter Sztandera
Chief Operating Officer
Tel. +48 (0-22) 835 02 20
Fax +48 (0-22) 865 55 13

Credibility and reliability - these are the distinguishing characteristics of the POiD, a Poland-wide organization formed by a representative group of  manufacturers and suppliers of construction joinery products. The members of the POiD are manufacturers of wooden, PVC, and aluminium windows and manufacturers of interior and garage doors. The member companies that  supply accessories for the production of construction joinery products include suppliers of PVC and aluminium profiles, manufacturers of construction hardware, multiple-glazing units, chemical products for the construction sector, machines, and other products.

Evaluation of the products and services offered by members of the  association can be used as a basis for a
comprehensive and reliable opinion  about windows, doors, and facades made in Poland. 




 Please refer to CATALOG for contacts details

st1:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } We are not large family  butcher's company operating from the middle of the 90's. During that time we have established the model of elaborating that satisfies us,  pleases our traders with the co-operation, and brings our customers closer to the taste of heaven with our ambrosial products. We are guided by our motto:
" no love is more frank than love to food"
We principle some rules that we never disobey. First  of all- passion.
Bohun represents a group of people who engage sincerely towards work. Among us are passionate ones who seek old recipes and in order to verify whether they would be successful in practice, they produce and taste their own cooked meats. Believe us- those are good flavour enthusiasts who, instantly after the final recognition of the recipe are happy like little kids. 
Second one is honesty-  we treat our customers as partners, not only as the purchasers of our products. The company is  aware of the fact that once deceived customer will not buy our products again.
And last but the most important rule -  quality! We have introduced some inner procedures that eliminates every manufacturing mistake. The quality control starts at the selection of best meats and seasoning and finishes  at packaging which has also significant meaning for the butcher's products taste.

 We export our products to the UK and try broaden our horizons.
The “Bohun” company is also  willing to produce under private brand.  
We are developing and open for co-operation.

Please see the BOHUN offer.

 Marta Birkowska
Commerce Manager
Bohun Ltd.
7A Przodowników Pracy Street
70-714 Szczecin, Poland
Phone: +48 607 900 087

 The Lubińska Windows’ Manufacture „Scorpio Aluminium” Sp.z.o.o. has a honour to invite You to cooperation in supplying/buying of PCV and aluminium widow and door systems which is produced in our plant in Poland. We think that windows and doors are things which give to any building its unique character. Cooperation with Scorpio Aluminium may be an unrepeatable chance for purchase high quality product at the most attractive price. For us… it is a chance to gain new satisfied Contractor.


 Lubińska Fabryka Okien „Scorpio Aluminium” Sp.z.o.o.
59-300 Lubin, ul. Przemysłowa 14

Paulina Rudnicka
Specialist, Sales Departament
telephone: 00 48 76 743 99 96


DARPOL: we keep the trains rolling

Hasler speedometer and rolling stock spare parts and components are our focus. In business since 1988 DARPOL manufactures and supplies spare parts for diesel and electric locomotives, coaches, EMU and rail buses.

Our key items are Hasler speedometer parts (speedometer and transmitter cables, transmitter collectors, carbon brushes, diagram re-rollers, recoding units, more), railway keys, electromagnetic door locking systems and parts,
compartment door and window locksets and handles, automatic door parts, actuators, guides and rollers, switches, contacts and contactors, relays, coils, valves,
coach interior essentials and accessories, Scharfenberg coupler parts, retractable cover steps etc.

All the parts are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standard and guaranteed
by the company.

We are looking for a distributor in India.



Ul. Rynkowska 2

85-552 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Tel: +48 52 322 0563

Fax: +48 52 327 2035


 Meblomax Company was founded in 1989. We specialize in production of modern furniture made of honeycomb board covered by oak veneer. We make also furniture in laminate board. Our factory is equipped with professional machines for furniture production. We employ over 100 qualified workers that have many years experience so our furniture are made with high quality.
You have to know that our products have competitive prices and interesting design. We try to make everything to please our customers. You can find our bookshelves, tables, coffee tables etc in many Polish homes, as well as, in big part of Europe.
We would like to start cooperation with companies that need our offered furniture but also products according to their individual needs. A big part of our production is honeycomb board which you can use to further processing.
Because of that we look for companies that specializes in sales of furniture, as well as, manufacturers connected with honeycomb board. We hope on good and wide cooperation.

See below: meblomax.pdf


63-600 Kepno
Mianowice 20A
tel +48 62 782 62 65
mobile +48 69 0986 423

EVELNE COSMETICS is the biggest Polish cosmetics producer. It offers to its clients wide range of make-up, facial and body daily care products. Within last 30 years the company has developed strong position in over 70 countries all over the world.

Annual sale of nearly 70 million units of cosmetics may prove the brand’s strength and innovative technology

Please see below: Eveline cosmetics.pdf


Eveline Cosmetics Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.
Żytnia 19 str., 05-506 Lesznowola (near Warsaw)

Ewa Mąkosa, Export Department

Office: +48 22 334 58 17

Fax: +48 22 334 58 16
Mobile: +48 515 204 859

URODA was established in 1996. The activity of the company is based on production and distribution of mass market perfume products such as: eau de toilettes, perfumes, deodorants, after shave liquids - produced both under its own brands and private labels. Since 2008 URODA has been cooperating with DISNEY which resulted in adding children toiletries to the offer. In 2012 another license agreement was signed with MATTEL, making children products in the offer even greater.
The company apart from the headquarters in Poland, possesses branches in Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine. Its products are present all over the world: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Norway, UK, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, USA.
Due to the company expansion new markets have been sought.

Please see below: Uroda Cosmetics.pdf


ul. Niecała 9 U1, 00098 Warsaw, Poland

Lukasz Pietrzak
Export Manager
direct: 0048-89-649 04 06
mob. 0048-694-448-322
reception: 0048-89-649 04 00
fax: 0048-89-648 50 28

 Company's Profile
FARMONA is one of the Polish leading producers and exporters of cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics for face, body and hair care as well as professional cosmetics, aimed for beauty salons, spas and skin care clinics. All Farmona`s products are based on innovative recipes, created in our laboratories in collaboration with a team of scientists and dermatologists. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries all over the world, among others USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Turkey. Due to expansion of export activity we are looking for new customers. We are interested in cooperation with wholesellers and cosmetic importers.
We invite you for visiting our website,
We will be pleased to answer any questions You may have 


Dana Bartoszewicz-Szarek
Export Manager
phone +48 724 440 025
fax: +48 12 252 70 01
e-mail address: dana.bartoszewicz@farmona.p  

TELKOM-TELOS" Public Limited Company was founded on April 26th, 1996 as a result of
ownership changes within Krakowskie Zakłady Teleelektroniczne "TELKOM TELOS, a
company with more than 40 years of experience in construction and manufacture of equipment
for the needs of the communications sector.
The main development trend adopted by "TELKOM TELOS" S.A. is continuation of
specialization in the manufacture of unconventional telephone sets used under various
conditions, supplemented with telecommunication accessories.
We would like to interest you in our offer, especially in industrial phones.
We are open to start cooperation as a supplier of phones.
The company has production capacity available on the injection moulding machines and is
interested in the launch of plastic part injection manufacturing.
Our company meets all European Standards which are needed to supply the phones for mine
industry, railway industry, military and for the mills where the spark proof system is required.
Telkom – Telos S.A. stands for quality management system ISO 9001.
In a case You are interested in full range of our products, please check our website:

See below: Telos-Telkom offer.pdf


Ul. Cieszyńska 9
30-015 Kraków
tel.: +48-12 633 96 66

Tools Factory "GLOB" Sp. z oo is a company with years of experience. It was founded in 1996 on the basis of the ski lifts Plant "POLSPORT."

GLOB Production includes : ♦ Blades: manual, machine, angular bayonet. ♦ Blades for saws and knives. ♦ Band saws for cutting wood, saw blades for cutting metal. ♦ planer knives, industrial knives. ♦ The starters for angle grinders are suitable for different applications: grinding, polishing, matting, etc. ♦ Abrasives, starters and power tools. ♦ Saw: saws, cross, gardening. ♦ Wood Planes ♦ Ski lifts: conducting high ropes, low ropes running, portable, water, parts (repairs, upgrades). And many other products.

Their high quality makes our company rank continues to grow and our products are exported to Europe, Africa and Asia.

See GLOB.pdf below


Export/Import Department
GLOB Tools Factory Co. Ltd.
49a, Wyzwolenia str.
PL-43300 Bielsko-Biala
ph: +48 33 816-57-24,
fax: +48 33 821-09-22

 Polish Chamber of Milk is Poland's largest organization in dairy industry formed on the initiative of dairy cooperatives and plants, as well as companies cooperating with dairies.Polish Chamber of Milk brings together the biggest Polish producers and processors of milk and is a strategic partner of Polish dairy industry, the EU and national institutions, and government agencies working for the development of the industry.

Please see below: Polish Chamber of Milk.pdf

Polish Chamber of Milk
ul. Mickiewicza 7/23,

15-213 Białystok,

phone:+48 85 674 73 29, fax.+48 85 874 43 88,

Sante A.Kowalski Sp. j., established in 1992, Polish manufacturer of healthy food, leader of  breakfast cereals, known well in United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Central Europe, Israel as well as Arabic countries.

We currently offer the following groups of products:

-          breakfast cereals (muesli, crunchy, granola),

-          cereal bars,

-          soya products,

-          out cakes,

-          bran and seeds,

-          healthy food ingredients, e.g. extruded semi-products.

Please find attached our company product portfolio with our products for your reference (SANTE.pdf below).

Distribution in India

Currently we are looking for reliable distributors for in the Indian market. Our demand is to cooperate with a distributor with large network and powerful field sales force, which would enable Sante a successful launch into this market.


Sante A. Kowalski Sp. j.
Ul. Jagiellońska 55A, 03-301 Warszawa

Piotr Midor, Export Manager

+48 22 811 50 37 ext. 270, +48 605 121 478,

 Manarf-lux is Polish manufacturer of Fluorescent Luminaries.
We offer a wide range of fluorescent luminaries (for modular ceilings,hermetic IP54, grigliato, plasterboard ceiling etc). Thanks to our production flexibility, we are able to offer also special luminaries manufactured according to your design, as per your specifications of your lighting projects.
We will be glad to answer to your questions, get your comments, and of course we can submit you our commercial terms upon your request.
More of our light fittings, fluorescent luminairies you can find here:

Please see below: manarf-lux.pdf 

 Joanna Grzegorczyk
P.P.U.H. "MANARF-LUX" Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 46 831 40 08 tel/fax +48 46 831 44 71

 Wytwórnia Wódek i Spirytusu w Toruniu (Vodka & Spirit Factory in Toruń)

Production of alcohol beverages:
regional product – Toruńska Vodka:
- Toruńska Vodka;
- Toruńska Limited Edition;
Flavoured vodkas:
- Toruńska Bitter;
- Toruńska Raspberry;
- Toruńska Horseradish;
- Toruńska Honey;
- Toruńska Spice.
Sukces Vodka:
- Sukces Vodka;
- Sukces Lime;
- Sukces Grapefruit.
Production of other alcohol beverages. Wide experience in production of "private label" marks.

Please see below: vodka-torun.pdf

 Wytwórnia Wódek i Spirytusu w Toruniu /Vodka & Spirit Factory in Toruń/
ul. Jana Olbrachta 14/16, 87-100 Toruń, POLAND

Contact person:
Szymon Gołębiewski
Sales and Marketing Specialist
+48 723 683 803

 We are the Polish independent manufacturer of polyurethane prepolymers binders having its own brand TETRAPUR.

Our products can be used  in two main applications:
- synthetic surfaces for outdoor sports areas and children’s safe playgrounds,
- production of thermoformed products made of solid rubber or crumbs.
There are many other possible applications in different industries, please consult us about enquiries for each particular case.

The yearly output of our plant reaches 7,000 t. We are able to dispatch orders rang-ing from bucket to tanker truck daily and deliver it almost overnight in Europe.
We are big enough to act global and small enough to care: as the medium-size com-pany we are flexible and adaptable to Clients’ demands to modify our product to Cli-ent’s request or deliver it to Client’s schedule.
The location of our company is convenient, since we are in a very center of Poland, at the crossroads of the main European N-S/W-E expressways, with direct access to international logistic centers and airports.

We are seeking a company, either manufacturer or installer or wholesaler, to act as BSG representative/dealer at the territory of India in a/m fields. We can offer a reli-able partnership and profound experience in our manufacturing.

Be confident that with BSG you will be offered good product for reasonable price with excellent service.

 Alicja Palasz,
Commercial Director BSG Sp. z o.o.
A. Struga 20, 95-100 Zgierz, Poland

Phone: +48 42 716 23 54
Mobile: +48 691 813 691

Our offer of emergency blankets and other thermal insulation products:

1.Emergency blanket „BODYTHERM”

2.Emergency blanket ”BODYTHERM SOFT”

3. Emergency Blanket “BODYTHERM EXTREMAL”


5. Emergency blanket „BODYTHERM COMFORT”.

6. Thermal insulating mats

7. Thermal insulating bags.

See: emergency blankets.pdf



ul Wiklinowa 7, 31-589 Kraków, POLAND

tel/fax +4812 684 02 22, tel. 0601/867502


Polish handcrafts. Beautiful!

See handcraft.pdf below

The combination of high technology, crystal clear water and natural ingredients involved in the production process of our alcohols will introduce you to the world of wonderful taste sensations, where quality dominates the price. Years of work and experience, but also heart inserted in the production of each liquor, cause that our products are one of the most popular, prestigious, and most recognizable brands in Eastern Europe. Our specialists understand the needs of our consumers and through their everyday work they meet the tastes of the most demanding customers, creating alcohols with sublime and wonderful flavours.

ZevsEurope sp. z o.o.ul.1 Maja 11/1340-224 KatowiceTel. +48 32 7824035

Fax. +48 32 7824038E-mail:

MOKATE GROUP is the biggest Polish producer of coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, creamers etc. Mokate looks for potential partners that may use the following ingredients in production on their final goods :
· Creamers / cream powder ( beverage, coffee, cappuccino producers,instant soups and sauces)
· Foamings ( cappuccino producers)
· Topping ( confectionery’s producer)
· Fat powders( bakery’s, confectionery’s, instant soups and sauces)
Mokate creates a fully integrated group of 9 companies, with 6 located outside the country. The turnover of the group has exceeded half a billion zlotys, exports have a 57% share it its sales.

See MOKATE.pdf below

Anna Dyc

Export Sales Manager
Mokate Sp. z o.o.

ul. Strażacka 48,44-240 Żory

tel.: 32 434 97 74

kom.: +48 661304655



"CASTOR" - manufacturer of puzzles is looking for importer/distributor in India.


Łokietka 119 Str

31-216 Cracov

Tel: +48-12 6141617

Fax: +48-12 6141620



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pdf | 477.59 KB
FAR DATA_Noise and enviromental monitoring
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ZF Unia product list 2015
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BLUX COSMETICS_catalogue 2015
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System Set-Fix
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Catalog Windows Doors
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BOHUN offer
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MOKATE offer
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emergrncy blankets
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Polish Chamber of Milk
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Uroda Cometics
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Eveline cosmetics 2012
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AT Global Solutions
pdf | 1.39 MB
AT Global_safe gloves
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XL Energy Drink_International Brochure
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TRIUMPH Presentation
pdf | 1.35 MB

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