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Hybro Technologies LLC

Send Print Download added: Anna Woińska | 2019-02-25 14:34:43
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Hybro Technologies LLC raised in 2010. Our company produces ceramic energy-saving heating panels HYBRID and towel dryers ONYX, made of tempered glass. We guarantee: safety, modern design, first-class material, long life time and quick installation.

HYBRO Technologies was established in 2010. Today, it is considered a leader in the field of electric heating and energy-saving technologies. In 2010 we developed and patented our own product - an autonomous electric heating system HYBRID. The HYBRID system combines two principles of heat transfer: infrared heat flow and convection. We are the first manufacturer to use ceramics as an infrared-generating material. All our products are certificated according to European Standards.


A year later, HYBRO Technologies opened its regional offices and signed contracts with major retail chains. Significant for the company was the year 2012, when the company entered the EU market. European consumers were attracted by the economy of the electric heating system, the highquality assembly, and the attractive design. In 2015, we began exporting the system to 14 countries of the European Union, including the UK.


New opportunities for using the HYBRID system have given its combination with renewable energy technologies: for example, with solar panels. For the first time, a similar combination was used by the Latvian construction company «Sinergo» which used HYBRID ceramic panels and photovoltaics located on the roof.


The main customers of HYBRO Technologies are primarily construction companies. As a result of cooperation with them, we managed to implement large objects in EU countries, such as office buildings, cottages, hotels. Currently, an area of 570,000 m2 is heated by our heating system. The area of the largest object that we have implemented is 7200 m2.


We do not stop in development, even for a minute. This spring we’ll introduce a new product, towel dryer Onyx. Thanks to ultra-thin design this towel dryer will perfectly match to every bathroom.


For 2019, it is planned to develop a smart thermoregulation system, which will give the opportunity to manage an unlimited number of panels. The updated thermostat will allow you to install the system on even larger objects. We are sure: the use of renewable energy in the field of heating instead of minerals is the future of energy consumption.


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